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Video resolution was solid, and as mentioned, with the full screen icon checked, the video filled the entire resolution of our television. That said, some users have experienced difficulty using this method when casting from Chrome to a Chromecast under the default Amazon player settings. Silverlight allows these players to feature a smooth and reliable player while also controlling the DRM portions of the device, blocking the ability to steal the stream for piracy reasons.

With both of the older standards gone, you should be able to playback your video without issue. You can also try to ensure the video begins playing by signing out and back into your account on Chrome. Maybe you rely on your smartphone entirely for your internet browsing. Unfortunately, while casting from your phone or tablet used to be semi-possible on Android, Amazon has made it harder than ever to cast from Android or iOS to Chromecast, making it almost impossible on your mobile device. Android users used to have a workaround on their devices that allowed for an easy sharing mechanism on Chromecast.

Sometime in between when we updated this post in January of and our current update in October, Amazon removed the capability to cast your content through screen mirroring, replacing the ability with a complete black screen. While the audio does play through your television or speakers, and tapping on the display will show your playback controls on the television, your ability to mirror to your television is completely gone. To cut to the chase, iOS users are a bit out of luck here. Your iPhone and iPad, though made by Apple, play fairly well with Chromecast, offering support through app channels.

This is an iOS issue; the software allows for Airplay mirroring, but not the Cast standard, even with the Google Home app. You can find out more about that app at its website here; it allows you to control playback on your PC or Mac in another room using a server app on your desktop and the remote app on your phone. The app is also available on Android, making it ideal for anyone looking for proper video support in Chromecast using their desktop while still controlling playback from their phone.

The two companies seem to be trying to be friendlier on some level. Amazon made the same promise about the Apple TV, which has since become available, although those companies do seem to be on better terms than Google and Amazon. Just make sure you flip your phone into landscape mode and make the video full screen before you get comfortable. The obvious benefit to this method compared to the previous approach is that you can control the video from your phone. However, there are three serious downsides you need to think about. The first issue is privacy.

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The second consideration is your battery. Follow these tips to get more juice out of your Android device's battery. Read More if you need further guidance.

Amazon Prime Video Not all Smart TV’s Support - What You Should Know

The final problem is processing power. Because Amazon Prime Video is not Chromecast-enabled, your Android phone is doing all the background processing. Of course, all these workarounds can be rendered moot if you buy an Amazon Fire TV device. Unsurprisingly, Amazon Prime Video is well integrated into the hardware. Stick vs.

Casting From Your PC or Mac

TV vs. But which one is right for you? Listen, Amazon. What can you do if you want to watch something a little less conventional? You're better off checking out these alternative streaming services packed full of niche content. Read More available. Which One Is Best for You? Chromecast vs. There are many streaming media devices to choose between. In this article, we compare the heaviest hitters: Chromecast vs Roku.

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Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. A better method to cast Amazon Prime is to open Google Home assuming you have the app on your device and go to Settings - from there select Mirror Device. Works OK - no idea how or why. One of many examples where I 'don't need to know'.

I'll even purchase the fire tv stick. Just give me the option to cast from an app on my phone to the tv. I'm even willing to purchase the fire tv stick. Just give me the ability to CAST from an app on my phone. If it's my money you want, then take it. Thank you it worked as instructed, now so much better watching on big screen and makes low audio fixable. My version of Chrome does not have the cast option in the popup menu - Android 9.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video With Chromecast

Amazon will not sell the Chromecast on it's website so Google being the babies they are blocked amazing video, just like they pulled YouTube from the Fire TV. Don't like it don't buy one if their crappy devices in the first place. I have a Vizio M series smart display with Chromecast built in, and it actually has Amazon prime video as a built in app. It even has a dedicated Amazon button on the remote.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Your TV With Chromecast

So why can't they get working on a cast button for those who don't have it built in. Cause it obviously works that way Get an Nvidia Shield TV. It has native Amazon Prime app. I presume Assistant would enable you to use commands.

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  • The Android screen casting no longer works. Amazon blocked it. You attempt it, only the audio will cast to your TV. The video will be blank. I casted Prime video via this method for years, but when I tried about three weeks ago to attempt to watch Jack Ryan, it no longer worked. I haven't tried from the Chrome browser from my laptop yet. I wouldn't be surprised if it's blocked there as well.

    If not now, then soon Casting the whole screen never really works with video. Sure, you can see the screen but the laggy video is impossible to watch. This is NOT really an option! The only real option is to add a cheap Roku or Fire TV device.