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Terms of Use: Legacy download for android 4. Legacy 4. In general apk file N. Legacy has rating is 8. This is cumulative rating, most best apps on google play store have rating 8 from Total reviews in google play store Total number of five star reviews received This app has been rated like bad by number of users. Legacy located in category Action, with tags and has been developed by Gameloft. You can visit their website http: The tension will not leave you throughout the game because zombies do not slumber!

All the World War II action is back

Walking dead, in fact, do not sleep at all, but only hunt for people in search of flesh. Feel yourself a fighter with evil spirits, clean the streets of the ghouls and save the surviving people. Have you started the game? Now you are Joe, one of the detachment members, whose forces are thrown to fight the zombies. Your goal is to find, track down and kill. Kill as many infected people as possible to save the surviving. Try to bring back to Earth those peaceful times when the threat of extinction did not hang over mankind. Or you can play in offline mode if there is no Internet connection;.

You are the only one who can save people from fear! Run the game and try to kill as many zombies as possible. History and heroes. The science fiction thriller Dead Effect 2 throws the main character on a space station lost in the depths of the galaxy. There are no signals and reports. The landing, the fearless protagonist, immediately appears here and immediately reports to the authorities: But what is the reason for what happened and what to expect is unknown ….

Tasks and rules. The atmospheric thriller Dead Effect 2 is devoted to the living dead, only the atmosphere and military attributes were replaced. Instead of the narrow streets of the tiny city, there are wide sectors of the space station. Pistols replaced with blasters and rifles with laser cannons. The list of enemies has also expanded. It seems they are hiding the real state of affairs. Levels and shooting. Key and adjacent locations are worked out to the smallest detail. On the way there are working terminals, opened shop doors, lockers stuffed with cartridges and money, and also batteries and activators.

Shooting is realistic. So, grab your weapons and go ahead, kill the bloodthirsty creatures. The application Mad Bullets is an arcade, the actions take place in the Wild West. You, as a good guy, have to destroy the bandits, save the unfortunate girls and collect gold and money as a reward. Gameplay and rules. The action in the application is from the first person. The movement is automatic, you do not need to press the arrow forward or make any other manipulations.

There are also peaceful residents on the road and you can not shoot at them. You will find boxes and bags everywhere. They contain money and you will take points for them. Be careful! Armed criminals attack you in return. If you do not have time to kill the enemy before he attacks, aim at the weapon flying at you — so you will remain unscathed. Mad Bullets has tips: A strange character appeared — a green line around him will say that this is a peaceful inhabitant. You can also select the levels of the arcade from a light skirmish with a small number of bandits to a complex game in which the attack occurs every second.

Fulfilling the mission, the entourage around and the opponents will change. The graphics in the application are quite simple.

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However, this does not deprive the game of color and atmosphere. Characters perform only one repetitive action at a high speed of the game, you do not notice the minimal animation of the characters, trying to focus on the mission. The melody of the game is thematic and adds excitement during the shootout. The game process is built on constant skirmishes. Key members of the organization are Sniper X, acting on the instructions of the players, and Jason Statham, who plays the role of professional assistant. First of all, of course, training — shooting, searching for goals, changing weapons and earning money.

Perform tasks and become the main defender of the planet! Levels and purchases. At your disposal, there is a huge arsenal of weapons — from the simple to the elite. For each opponent, pick up your optimal weapon, and the effectiveness of the fight will increase significantly. Shoot just in the head and get nice bonuses for it. Improve combat skills and get the opportunity to improve your weapons.

And you will become invincible. Save the best moments of the game and share them with your friends. Exciting gameplay, full of incredible special effects, realistic 3D graphics, and modern soundtracks, will drag you into the game for a long time. Suicide Squad: Special Ops is an ultra-modern action movie dedicated to a special-purpose squad consisting of murderers, criminals, and villains. The heroes are called by the government for a difficult task, so immediately after the training, you will have to start an important mission.

A mandatory training consists of a number of simple points explaining management, details of the interface and the purpose of various skills. The main characters are Harley Quinn, armed with a painted bat, Deadshot with a sniper rifle, and Diablo, withering everyone with a red-hot fire.

Potentially, all the characters are equal in strength, differences are observed only in the technique of passing levels and innate abilities, greatly expanding the combat potential. Someone, for example, slows down time, and someone easier to belch fire. Levels and awards. Locations in Suicide Squad: Special Ops are atmospheric. Home with graffiti pictures, dilapidated public buildings drowning in the darkness of endless criminal nights: The game process is also exciting — high-quality physics, stunning detailing, and high complexity.

In general, everyone is obliged to download Suicide Squad: Special Ops! Take your place in the leaderboard, battling with other players.

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Brag about your successes to friends, recording the best moments of the game on video. Can you overcome all the obstacles in this life-threatening mission? The Last Vikings game allows you to immerse yourself in the exciting virtual world of the Vikings. According to the plot, you need to travel by sea, grab and rob villages for-profit and bring glory to your people. Rules and gameplay. To achieve maximum progress in the game, you should build your own fleet, improve the army and improve your skills.

For the successful passage of the levels, you will receive additional points and access to unique items and gifts that will help develop skills and replenish the arsenal of weapons. But remember that the Viking population is constantly shrinking, and the legacy of a nation depends on you only. In addition to building a fleet and an army, you have to confront enemies and fight not only people but also mythical creatures: Also the game The Last Vikings allows you to explore new lands with a map and base villages in the right locations.

In total, the game has more than 50 heroes, and you can develop each of them at your own discretion. The game is specially adapted for use on mobile phones and tablets, so it has simple control. The application can be downloaded absolutely free of charge, but the additional paid content may be required for unlimited possibilities. The fighting spirit of opponents of the regime is undermined — people need a defender, a hero who decided to download Overkill 3 to Android, and start cleaning up enemies, will you try?

Enemies and locations. Poorly detailed series of Overkill has changed a lot — simplified locations have turned into multi-tiered worlds, with changing shelters and unexpected situations. Enemies have become more dangerous, throw grenades, and even aim precisely at the head. Complete tasks, match fruits and other objecrs, make lines of 3 and more items to get rewards.

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Nice graphics Interesting plot Cute heroes Different bonuses. Play in your way. Play in your way - explore a wonderful world full of mysteries. Fight against various enemies, get resources and carry out peaceful activity. Big open world Construction Bright graphics Play with friends. Elite bridge builder: Mobile fun construction game.

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Mobile fun construction game - build beautiful and safe bridges, use different construction materials. Nice graphics and sound Many interesting levels Different construction materials Realistic physics Handy system of controls. Eternal concord: Retro RPG. Retro RPG - lead a squad of heroes of different classes and travel across the huge world fighting against demons and other dangerous opponents.

Criminal case. Comzone - take part in dynamic gun fights on various battle fields. Move from one covering to another, aim to shoot from futuristic weapons. High quality graphics and sound Different game modes Wide range of items of outfit Play with friends. Please, select version of your platform. Why do I need to select the version of my platform? To select compatible games for your device, we need to know the version of your platform. How to find out the version of my platform? Show brand list. Select platform.