0+ 8.5 android air shuffle price

I think Android is going to become like all other Google things, Fehl. I can see it happening. The O plus sounds an interesting mobile phone. Even Cassy said she doubts that the iPhone will remain the top smart phone. Oh, and I have just activated my new web page today. My poetry site is up. Next thing on my bucket list is getting my poetry book published.

Have a sweet day today, Fehl.

Android O+ 8.12 Price in the Philippines – O Plus 8.12 Features, Specs, Promos

Hugs and so much more from Cathy. Wow, everything goes cheaper hehe Well except for Apple gadgets. Congrats and cheers to your new website. I am so proud of all the things you do. I am so excited for your upcoming book. I love you so much. Have a sweet day too.

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Old units can now also be upgraded to Jelly Bean. Turn your wifi on and refresh your phone. Salamat po.

O+ Grande Review

Magkano po ba yan ngayong ? Naiinis ako wala akong makita eh. Pwede po ba lagyan ng Temple run or other games ang 8. Yung 8. Until the Kindle Fire 2 and iPad Mini come to the fore, at least. This made the 8.

Android O+ Price Philippines - O Plus Features, Specs Promos

With no intention of buying it at all because I was planning to buy another phone that day. Di ko nalang sasabihin anong Filipino phone. It just so happened that when I was in their kiosk Filipino phone , another customer was very mad about the specs of their product kasi daw di daw totoo ang specs na nakalagay.

Then the saleslady started to demonstrate about the 8. I instantly loved the unit despite the specs which is a little bit lower than the rebranded phone I was supposed to buy because of its iPhone 5 look and of course the Air Shuffle. The package itself is also unique from other phones.

It is packed in a plastic crystal case which is very different from other typical box packages. Each side of the phone has a glossy black finish which looks classy.

Android O+ 8.5 – O Plus 8.5 Philippines Price

The design of the back cover is somewhat like has an anti-slip yung merong slanting lines sa gitna para di madulas yung phone. Posted by Vincent Sevilla at 8: Jun December 24, at 9: Vincent Sevilla December 24, at Anonymous January 9, at 4: Patrick December 24, at Patrick December 25, at 1: Vincent Sevilla December 25, at 8: Anonymous December 25, at 6: Vincent Sevilla December 25, at 9: Alexus Pastrana December 25, at 9: Patrick December 26, at 6: Vincent Sevilla December 26, at 8: Patrick December 27, at Anonymous December 26, at 2: Anonymous December 26, at 1: BossVicD December 27, at Anonymous December 27, at 6: Vincent Sevilla December 27, at Dazedjhay Fetil December 27, at 9: Alexus Pastrana December 27, at Anonymous January 9, at 9: Anonymous December 28, at 7: Anonymous December 28, at 8: Vincent Sevilla December 29, at Anonymous December 29, at Vincent Sevilla December 31, at Anonymous December 31, at 7: Anonymous January 1, at 6: Anonymous January 2, at Vincent Sevilla January 5, at Anonymous January 7, at Anonymous January 8, at 7: Vincent Sevilla January 12, at Anonymous January 22, at 4: Alexus Pastrana January 9, at 7: Bert Al January 10, at 2: Anonymous January 11, at 7: Anonymous January 15, at 8: Anonymous January 11, at 4: Anonymous January 20, at 2: Anonymous February 23, at 9: Anonymous January 13, at Jen Fernandez January 13, at 5: Vincent Sevilla January 13, at 6: Jen Fernandez January 13, at 7: Jen Fernandez January 13, at 8: Vincent Sevilla February 6, at 9: Anonymous January 14, at 1: It runs in Jelly Bean and Quadcore Processor.

Pretty great post. After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I am hoping you write again very soon! May nag papa bili from Spain… pwede dito gamitin yung sim namin? Ask ko lang kung paano mplitan. O Plus USA. Share this! Comments Pretty great post.