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This year, Reasearch In Motion released their new line of multi-touch smartphones that will carry the latest BlackBerry 7 Operating System. Back in the spo Read on and see our full review of the Bold We've been using a demo unit for the last week and we've had enough time with RIM's latest flags When Research in Motion RIM announced on 3rd August that it was having the biggest global launch of BlackBerry smartphones with more than partners around the world, we were eager to know if our sunny island would be one of them.

After all, nobody wa Good display, picture, and call quality, Comfortable to use, Easy to navigate and use, Apps load quickly, Helpful instruction manual. Bulky design, Casing is hard to remove. The Bold's touch screen was impressively responsive, and our consumer testers loved typing on it.

Globe announces BlackBerry Bold 9900 pricing plans

The size was ideal for them to hold the phone in th Not four years later, the Bold is struggling to remain relevant, as Whether you have been a longstanding BlackBerry fan or you are just being introduced to the brand, this particular BlackBerry is a good choice to experience the latest in RIM's technology. Users of other brand name smartphones like the iPhone, and hig For much of , many had counted RIM out: Unbelievably easy to get comfortable with, slick performer, fantastic keyboard, decent touchscreen.

Battery life is still quite limited.

Research in Motion is sailing through troubled waters at the moment but if smartphones like the Bold are what we can now expect from the company, we reckon the Canadian firm will be with us for years to come. The latest Bold is without a doubt the But while the hardware is shiny and new, the Bold 's "new" OS is too similar to older versions to make a real difference.

Luxurious design, Fast dual-core performance, Excellent physical keyboard, Loud speaker, Long battery life.

White BlackBerry Bold 9900 Price Philippines Php 31,690 - Specs, Release Date, Features

Display too small, Slow web surfing, Skimpy app selection, Very expensive. T-Mobile's new BlackBerry screams luxury from every angle. Impressively thin and sporting both a touchscreen and physical keyboard, this 4G handset is RIM's answer to the growing legion of Android phones encroaching on its territory. But at a stag Gorgeous piece of hardware, excellent reception, 4G, Gorgeous piece of hardware, excellent reception, 4G, Gorgeous piece of hardware, excellent reception, 4G, Gorgeous piece of hardware, excellent reception,.

BlackBerry OS 7 isn't much of a modernization, but rather an update to support touch screens, Expensive. Beyond the cell radio inside and carrier branding, the phones are identical. Lovely looking design, One of the best keyboards around, Responsive platform experience, Fast data speeds. Phone Scoop reveals what they are.

White BlackBerry Bold Price Philippines Php 31, - Specs, Release Date, Features - TechPinas

While the hardware a Notable features include a 1. The BlackBerry Bold 's call quality is slightly flawed. It's also very expensive when compared with similar handsets. The BlackBerry Bold is the GSM version of the BlackBerry Bold , and has essentially the same design and features save for a few changes depending on the carrier. Robust design, excellent keyboard, touch screen functionality works well, NFC ready. Although the improved specifications are probably not going to be enough to tempt Apple and Android fanbois away from their beloved Iphone 4 or Google Nexus S, the soon-to-be teenage favourite could attract those due an upgrade and is well worth a l Blackberry users will want to know how it performs as a Blackberry device, and others will want to know how it compares with ot Moreover, these high standards and the technologically proven conditions ensure the durability of the device.

These devices can be used for a considerably long period of time without any technical error.

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Price in the Philippines Starts from P5,500

The introduction of the Blackberry Smartphone was an important landmark in the history of digital devices from the brand. It paved the path for a new era of technology while bringing a lot of benefits for the users worldwide. This device runs perfectly because of the spacious internal memory. Furthermore, there is a widescreen in these smartphones that people can clearly see videos and pictures of their best resolutions. Users are benefitted to choose their ideal smartphone with their favorite color and size.

Furthermore, there is a great collection of smartphones which suits any type of budget. Anyone who uses these stylish mobile devices looks professional and smart. It is mainly because of the wonderful collections of features and options that are available in Blackberry Philippines. Regardless of the age and gender anyone living in any part of the world can use these awesome mobile devices and experience a world of diverse technology. You do not have to run a luxurious life to be a part of the community of Blackberry users.

Since they perfectly fit any range, it has become popular among people even within a short period of time. The essence of these, mobile devices have supported people to ease their day to day lifestyle. Reimagine how you communicate and get things done with the wide range of classic cellphones and new smartphones from Blackberry extensively available in the Philippines. Shop through our app to enjoy: Please check your phone for the download link. Track my order. Phone Batteries.

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