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The most often asked question I get is how to prevent email from disappearing on Android devices. This question can be tricky, depending on the type of email service is involved. I'll cut to the chase and say that POP accounts are not the best route. Why, you ask? With a POP account, when your device downloads an email to read it, that email is removed from the server.

This is the default behavior and must be configured to actually leave a copy on the server. IMAP, on the other hand, automatically leaves a copy on the server, so there's no extra configuration needed. So, the ideal answer to the question is to always set up email accounts on all of your devices and your desktop as IMAP. If you do that, you'll never lose an email just because it was read. What happens when you have no choice? If you're using a provider that requires you setup your email account as a POP account, you must go through a bit of extra configuration.

The type of phone you have will determine how this is done. I'll show you how to set this up with the Samsung Galaxy S4. With that knowledge, you should know what to look for when configuring any type of Android device for POP. Make sure that you're doing a manual setup of your POP email account.

During the process, you'll get to the Incoming Server setup. On that window, you should see an option for Delete email from server Figure A. You must set it for Never so that email is saved on all devices until you manually delete the email. If you want, you can configure your desktop email client to delete the email from the server As for your Android devices, set them all up to Never delete an email from the server leave that for your desktop. If you've already set up that email account, you can still enable this option from within the settings of that account you won't bring back email you've already lost, however.

To do this, follow these steps:. Once you've set this up, it's imperative that you configure all of your devices in the same fashion. It seems like this is how it works. I have email setup on both my galaxy s3and outlook. When i oigionally set up my galaxy, last night, i used the same server setting for gmail that i have set up in my outlook…pop.

Is there any chance to change it to white f. Go to the email account Settings, you can select Every 5 minutes for Email check frequency. On my S3 the I am trying to configure my Exchange email account. It seems that the server name automatically is appended to the username. So mail. Anybody knows how to handle this? I also have it set up to sync with my gmail account see screenshot here: But when I access my gmail outside of my phone on the desktop? It is as if I never viewed those emails. So I am not sure what is going on here. This is driving me absolutely insane. I have done this before with other android phones with no problem, but for whatever reason, with the S3 on Sprint, am having issues.

This means when you log in to Gmail using a web browser, actions you perform on email clients and mobile devices ex: I m not been able to configure the email on my ph if i m doing it by pop than its not showing the new mails and also its not showing any notification of new mails on gmail either i have tried everything this is really something…. Ensure the email account you want to configure supports POP3 and get the server settings right. For Gmail notification alert, just ensure Email notifications is checked in the Gmail account settings.

Is there anyway to not have any emails showing in your inbox except the ones that you want? For example now I am forced to use the Recent Emails setting at 25 and even when I delet a message it automatically loads an older one to always keep it at I generally only keep emails on my phone that I need to respond to. Kind of like a reminder for me. Is there anyway to have only the set amount of emails in your inbox?

I had tried K9 mail and AquaMail, they works at the begining but fail to get new mail at time I specific 5 min once. How can I reobtain it??? The email could be disabled.

If you do not wish to deal with stock email app, there are plenty of 3rd party email on Play Store, K9, Maildroid, kaiten,. Whenever I try to use Gmail Chat with my friend for gaming, when he calls, it goes straight to my phone, so I have to turn off my phone every time I want to use G-Chat. Is there a way to de-active that on my phone, so when people call me over G-Chat, it actually goes to my computer? Email sent from my S3 is saved in the local Sent folder not on the server Sent Items folder. Hence it is not synching. How do i change where sent mail from S3 is saved??

I only see those settings in my Exchange account. So is yours exchange or POP3 or maybe your model is different from mine. Somehow, it will sent out auto-reply from my phone, and that will be a sent folder auto create when I check through mail server. How can I disable the auto-reply function. It always make my mail box get in to full. Thank you. How do you mark multiple emails as read on the Samsung Galaxy S3? I know you can mark as unread but I need to know how to mark as read.

I have included widgets for each account. In the app icon, it puts the total number of emails that sums up the emails of all 3 accounts… is there a way where i can see the emails for each account? I have to open them individually in order for this to work. Any advice? If you need that badly, i guess you can try other email app. I have no problem doing that on my stock email. If i run the accounts thru the gmail app the notifications sync ok thx.

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I have no such an issue on my stock email -Gmail account. Did you try this by reading the emails on the web? If you read them on a email client, I suspect the sync delay happens between your client and Gmail server. I am writing this because I want to help all these people who want to have push email when using the stock Email application on Galaxy S3 and other Android phones. I used to have a Blackberry and I find it extremely easy to use the push email option.

On the next screen write your email account eg. On the next screen choose Microsoft Exchange Active Synch yes, this is the correct one, do not be surprized! In the field Echange Server use m. You are all set. Is there any way to stop that from happening? I think I figured it out. But, it appears I can only go back 1 month max. I actually have to go into the email icon for them to pop up. How can I fix this so that they arrive in both my laptop and phone at the same time and I get notification. You can change the email check frequency to as often as every 5 minutes in the account Settings.

But that will still be slower what your see on your desktop. You can make use of the 1 x 1 Email account widget. Mine was working fine then all of a sudden I can receive my POP emails but can no longer send. Why would it suddenly stop. My gmail still works fine. Maybe you can try clearing the cache of the Email app. Did u want to revisit my Oct 1 replys regarding folders in the yahoo mail setup, not IMAP nor the yahoo mail app? Mail Plus.

As for IMAP protocol, you should be able to change the sync frequent to 5 mins at the email app account settings. Thx for ur responses. My old device would allow a mi of 5 minute refresh, but unfortunately for my sammy schI, a min of 15 is only offered. Hi, I just got my first Android phone Galaxy S3.

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I use Gmail and Yahoo email. I have the following problems: But you can setup your Gmail on the alternative email app. There are some gmail-unread-count-widget out on the Google play with mixed reviews. However I ran into problem setting up Gmail parameters on the general email app. Each time regardless of whether I enter manually or let it search automatically , it goes — incorrect user name or password.

How to setup Gmail and Internet Email on Samsung Galaxy S3 - WEBCAZINE

Any help appreciated! I also downloaded K9 — gives the same error. I peeped into the web and figured out — my IMAP in gmail was not enabled. After enabling it, it just worked like a charm. Here is a simple guide http: Have both gmail and yahoo, but the latter my default and most used.

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How do I get these folders to show on my device? Did you see those folders? I managed to see all my folders with no specific configuration. I would use imap had it had a min refresh or 5 minutes or less like my HTC device, but the minimun of 15 minutes is way to long. I have this problem.

I would like to use my gmail account not in imap mode but in pop3 mode. So that i have tried to configure the gmail account by clicking the Email icon. After configuration, my gmail account seems to work well, it sends and downloads mails but doesn t store the emails after their download.. You can change this value to something bigger on the email app Settings.

After any new sync. Laura, Did you find a solution for this. I am suffering from the same problem too! Just got my Galaxy 3 and also having problems. I also can not download attachments — it tells me to first download the email —????? Can anyone help? I had an HTC Evo at first. Are you able to assist me with this. It looks like a pretty standard setting, it should work on your S3.

Just make sure you put in the right pop 3 and smtp server addresses and select the right Security type in both Incoming and Outgoing settings. I have 3 email accounts on my galaxy s3. Gmail and 2 yahoo accounts. Currently it has my yahoo as my default. How do I change it to my gmail. Hi, I was wondering how to add hyperlinks to my email signature i. Thanks for your your quick reply — Unfortunately there are no hidden appls on my phone I checked I found the e-mail apps E-mail version 4. HI I have lost the email apps icone in applications on my galaxy. How can I found it back?

Maybe you have hide it or something. I just bought my samsung galaxy s3 and whenever i try signing up gmail it says signing in but doesnt proceed further and hangs. How do i sign in my gmail on s3??? Strange, but do make sure your wi-fi connection is working. Once added successful, use the Gmail app to read your mail. Hi, I know how to setup my S3 to use any gmail account as internet POP email, but it will start getting emails from that moment only will not load older messages. You can setup any client like Outlook to receive recent emails using this trick http: But this method doesnt work with the S3 it says invalid username Any clue how to do that on the S3?

Only MailDroid and AquaMail were able to configure recent mode feature according to the doc link given. When I delete a message from my blueyonder account on the s3 it also deletes from the server. Can I stop this happening? If you setup your email account using IMAP, whatever you do on the client in this case S3 , it will sync with the server. I just bought the S3 and when I delete an email on my phone for hotmail it deletes it on the server. I have 2 email accounts, 1 with the envelope with a pic, and 1 with the envelop with the M pic.

For my 1st account with the pic there is the number of emails received in the pic and the other not.

SOLVED: How to View Email Inbox Subfolders on Galaxy S3 Android 4

Good information but when the email arrives at my Outlook on my PC it disappears off my Galaxy. How do I get it to stay on my hand held?

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When you download POP-3 emails using Outlook, by default, it will delete those downloaded emails from the mail sever, and when your S3 try to sync with nothing on the server it starts to remove all the mails on your phone. You can change your outlook setting to leave a copy of the email on the server. Two questions: Where can i find the regular email icon? Doesnt appear in my app drawer 2.

How do i erase multiple emails in my gmail account? Cant find the option in the menu… Thanks! I have problem with pop3 email. Phone auto delite mails older than 2 days not showing up trash folder, ider … gmail set up in same app save older mails…. Maybe others can help.