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Having same problem. These troubleshooting tips don't work. I've done them all. The settings are working. Whispersync isn't. I have been using Kindle App on iPhone 4S.

Kindle iPAD app not syncing notes & highlights

I have been experiencing the following problem with Highlihts, which I make both on Kindle device and on KindleApp on iPhone: No matter how many times I try to synchronize by touching Sync on Kindle devide or KindleApp, Notes and Highlights won't synchronize, whereas furthest page read synchronized without a hitch. Notes and Highlights do sometimes synchronize, but it happens at random and it seems to me. I once reported the problem.

  • How to Download Your Kindle Notes and Highlights and Export Them!
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  • Help: Sync Across Fire & Kindle Devices & Apps.

You sent me instructions and I followed them. It did not help. Would you be able to really solve the problem this time? Even though I am now using the latest version of KindleApp, the problem persists.

Kindle app for iOS – tips and tricks

Regards Jerzy. Amazon's boilerplate help suggestions ignore the fact that the books sync properly some of the time, which means our settings are fine. This problem needs a Kindle engineer, not a support tech, as it isn't a problem with user settings, type of books, or even the devices--as users here have exhibited the problem using iPhone, iPad and the desktop app.

Why won't my Kindle sync my contents/books?

There is seemingly a snafu with Whispersync here, and it's been going on for months, for me. I have ipad kindle ios7. Where is menu item to turn on sync? There is a sync icon on my library page but it does not send highlights to my amazon highlights page.

The ultimate guide to using Kindle app for iPad and iPhone

I only have one amazon account. Where is whisper link on control? Amazon Digital and Device Forum. Sign In. This thread was automatically marked as Locked. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Posts Quoted: Previous Thread. Once you open that page you can copy and paste a highlight or note.

Amazon Kindle: Syncing & the Cloud

This nifty little bookmarklet is simple and works great with Chrome. After you install it, you use it be opening one an ebook's highlights page on Kindle. The latter two options include a link to the note's location in the ebook. In the notebook menu, you will find an option to share your annotations by email. Here's what it looks like on the iPad:.

The notebook menu can be accessed from inside a book, but the way you find it differs between Android and iOS. The export button is in the upper right corner of the notebook menu. The exported notes don't look very good, but this trick does let you pull the notes out of even a side-loaded ebook. You can either create flashcards or export the notes to Drive, by email, or by Android Beam.

The ultimate guide to using Kindle app for iPad and iPhone

This is an Apple Script based tool which basically does the same thing as Bookcision. There are a couple versions of the Notescraper tool, including one which works with Evernote. But since I don't have a Mac, I can't comment on how well it works. And while we're on the topic, Microsoft's OneNote has a similar clipping tool. It takes screenshots so it's not nearly as useful, but if you already use that platform then it's worth a look. If you're an iPhone user, you might want to check out this app.

According to the website, it is supposed to let you "read and share all of your notes and highlights in one place".

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Unfortunately, I am unable to install the Snippefy app and confirm that it works. It won't show up when I searched for it in the iTunes app store on my iPad.

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But since the iTunes listing appears to be active, I am including this app just in case you find it useful. Here's another service I'm not sure I can recommend. That turned me off, and since it basically duplicates activities I already perform on my PC, I plan to close the tab and forget about it. And last but not least, calibre.