Applications of dc generators ppt

C generators to give constant output voltage makes their use in charging of batteries and also for light and power supply purpose.

DC Machines: Applications

Applications of Compound Wound D. C Generator The property of over-compounded type D. C generators to maintain constant voltage at the consumer terminals makes its use for lighting and power services.

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Differential compound wound D. C generators which are referred as constant current generator finds an useful application as an arc welding generator. Join with us. DC Generator. C Generators. Though being expensive, separately excited generators find their applications where self excited generators would be relatively unsatisfactory.

C- generators are as follows,. Series wound D. The property of shunt wound D. C Generator.

Applications of DC Generator

The property of over-compounded type D. Related Articles. Electrical Edition. Next Post. It serves two purposes. The energy conversion in generator is based on the principle of the production of dynamically induced e. The feet and the terminal box etc. Whenever a conductor cuts magneticic flux. A dynamo machine consists of a stationary structure which generates a strong magnetic field. In this case the current is unidirectional. Two collecting brushes of carbon or copper press against the slip rings.

In this case the current waveform we obtain is alternating current you can see in fig. Components of a generator: Yoke is a outer frame. The dynamo uses electromagnetic principles to convert mechanical rotation into an alternating electric current.

Applications of DC Machines - Motors and Generators - Circuit Globe

In small generators where cheapness rather than weight is the main consideration. The modern process of forming the yoke consists of rolling a steel slab round a cylndrical mandrel and then welding it at the bottom.

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In case of without commutator the two ends of the coil are joined to slip rings which are insulated from each other and from the central shaft. Such yokes possess sufficient mechanical strength and have high permeability. On small machines the magnetic field may be provided by a permanent magnet.

Applications of DC Generators

The source of mechanical energy may be a reciprocating or turbine steam engine. The Dynamo was the first electrical generator capable of delivering power for industry. An electrical generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Generator Construction: Simple loop generator is having a single-turn rectangular copper coil rotating about its own axis in a magnetic field provided by either permanent magnet or electro magnets.

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Their function is to collect the current induced in the coil. This e. But for large machines usually cast steel or rolled steel is employed. In case of with commutator the slip rings are replaced by split rings. In its simplest form. In practice. The armature is a cylinder of laminated iron mounted on an axle. The two ends of each coil are connected either to two slip rings AC or two opposite bars of a split-ring commutator DC. Field electromagnets: Each electromagnet consists of a coil of many turns of copper wire wound on a soft iron core.

Each coil usually consists of many turns of copper wire wound on the armature. Torque is applied to the axle to make the rotor spin. The brushes are carbon blocks that maintain contact with the ends of the coils via the slip rings AC or the split-ring commutator DC.

Applications of DC Machines

The electromagnets are wound. It may consist of two permanent magnets with opposite poles facing and shaped to fit around the rotor. The axle is carried in bearings mounted in the external structure of the generator. The stator is the fixed part of the generator that supplies the magnetic field in which the coils rotate.

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