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If Windows 7 has zip compression built in, you're undoubtedly wondering, why do I need the latest version of WinZip? Well, if you seldom use zip archives, you probably don't. But zip fans will appreciate the improvements in WinZip 14 Standard , which has simplified the process of zipping and mailing archives in Win 7. Windows 7 may be easier to use than Vista or XP, but diagnostic and maintenance chores remain tricky.

EnhanceMySe7en Free is a handy utility for anyone interested in doing a little system housekeeping. This free app conveniently helps you select which programs to permit to load at startup; lets monitor your hard drive's performance, health, and temperature; and enables you to fiddle with the Registry--if you dare. Need to resize pictures in Windows 7? This free utility makes it easy. Simply right-click one or more image files in Windows Explorer. You can select one of four sizes: You can create your own custom sizes, too.

This bundle of 16 tools from Systerac has everything you'll need to keep Windows 7 running smoothly. You can tweak Windows' performance and appearance, optimize memory, clean up the hard drive, cover your tracks by shredding files, and so on. The Systerac interface is aesthetically appealing, nicely organized, and a snap to learn. Don't upgrade to Windows 7 before running this free utility from Microsoft. Upgrade Advisor scans your PC to see if it's ready for Windows 7. If it detects any potential problems--from insufficient memory to incompatible hardware to outdated software--it'll let you know in a summary report.

Avira Free AntiVirus Recommending a good free antivirus program is always going to be contentious, with a strong field of free, feature-packed options. Slide 2 of Music Bee MusicBee is a free and extremely feature-packed music player that can make life easier for the everyday listener and power user alike.

10 essential Windows 7 applications

Slide 3 of Ultimate Windows Tweaker Ultimate Windows Tweaker Windows 8 is a neat little piece of freeware from The Windows Club that allows users to apply an incredible variety of tweaks to the Windows interface. Slide 4 of Steam Valve's Steam is a gaming digital distribution juggernaut, serving as an all-in-one games marketplace, discovery engine and launcher utility.

Slide 5 of Skitch An easy-to-use standalone screen capture and image editing tool by Evernote, Skitch allows users to quickly edit and annotate screen caps, and then save or share them online. Slide 6 of Rainmeter Rainmeter is a free desktop customization tool for Windows that allows users to add "skins", compact applets that float on top of the desktop, much like Microsoft's old Windows gadgets.

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Slide 7 of Comodo Backup Comodo Backup is a free and thorough backup tool that provides both scheduled and on-demand backups with a variety of settings and options. Slide 8 of About the author. John Corpuz John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school. It focuses on the security of the files that are being exchanged. It also supports the drag and drop of files and file view and editing for you to interact with your files.

Not only does it save passwords for you, it also helps you auto-fill forms on websites and generate random passwords. KeePass — KeePass is an open-source password manager that helps you store your passwords in a highly secure and encrypted database which can be opened using a master password. Not only does it help you save passwords, it also helps you save bank accounts, credit cards, and passports in a secret and safe environment.

Encryptr — Encryptr is a free and private password manager for your PC that lets you save passwords, generate secure passwords, search for saved passwords, and has a zero knowledge cloud so only you and the server know your passwords. It helps you mount these disk images as disk drives on your computer. Read more about our favorite ISO-mounting software for all platforms. Internet Download Manager — Even after so many years, Internet Download Manager remains one of the best download managers for Windows, as nothing beats the functionalities it offers to its users.

It helps you download files and manage them in a list, and there are tons of other features.

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Free Download Manager — As the name implies, Free Download Manager is free and manages downloads for your PC and lets you download files off the Web and save them on your computer. It accelerates downloads so that your files get downloaded quickly. FlashGet — FlashGet puts your downloads into sections and downloads them separately to accelerate the speed of downloads. It also helps you trigger your anti-virus for scanning the files that you have downloaded to your PC.

Microsoft Download Manager — Microsoft Download Manager makes downloading files simple and reliable for you with its various functions for better downloading of files on your Windows PC. Greenshot — Greenshot is an open-source and free screenshot tool that helps you capture the screen of your PC and save it as an image file on your computer. You have a number of options to choose from when you take a screenshot such as taking a full screenshot or just the selected region.

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Lightshot — Lightshot lets you take customizable screenshots on your PC. It helps you take either full-screen or selected region screenshots, and you can then use the built-in editor to quickly edit the captured screenshot on your PC.

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ShareX — ShareX is an open-source screenshot tool for Windows that allows you to capture either full-screen or selected regions of your screen and save them as files somewhere on your PC or in your clipboard. It also has a screen recorder and a number of other features for all of your screen-capturing tasks.

Also, it lets you remove the background image from the transparent bars of apps so you get the perfect quality screenshot you want. The app supports a number of programming languages for syntax highlighting and is available for free.

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  • ATPad — ATPad is written in pure C and is a good text editor with tabbed interface, customization, word wrapping, and so on. Pixlr — Pixlr is a web-based photo editor that you can access using a web browser from your Windows PC. It lets you edit your photos and apply various effects to them. All for free. PhotoScape — PhotoScape makes editing your photos easier than ever with its easy-to-use features and a nice interface.

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    A nice intro for photo-editing beginners. If you want more info, we have plenty more to say about the best free photo editors.

    1. Internet Browser: Google Chrome

    Cover — Cover is mostly a comic reader that allows you to read your favorite comics in a really great-looking user interface. Calibre — Calibre was designed to make managing your eBooks as easy as possible and does that job perfectly with its neat and clean features. It also has support for a number of eBook formats. RetroArch — Not technically an emulator in itself, but a platform within which you can download and run specially tailored versions of every emulator you can dream of.

    The ultimate emulation platform. It can be easily configured, and you can get started within seconds. Great selection of screen filters, too. Dolphin — This GameCube and Wii emulator is a work of wonder, letting you play most games flawlessly, and with plenty of options to boost their visual quality to jaw-dropping levels.

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    LibreOffice Draw — An excellent diagramming tool that comes packageded with LibreOffice, letting you create flowcharts and other diagrams. It comes with a free Viso-like shapes package, too! LucidChart — A web-based diagramming tool with a convenient drag-and-drop interface and plenty of collaboration options. EaseUS Todo Backup — EaseUS Todo Backup offers comprehensive backup features that let you quickly create backups and restore the backups when your system is not performing well. When restoring, you can be selective and only choose the files you want to be restored.

    Personal Backup — Not only does Personal Backup help you back up your data, but it also protects your data from malware so that your data remains intact, and your computer is not infected with any malicious apps. Genie Timeline — Genie Timeline is a fast and lightweight app that helps you back up your data with just two steps, and it automatically purges to save memory space on your PC. The tool cleans up your system to speed it up and also helps you run your programs in an optimized environment. PC Decrapifier — As the name implies, PC Decrapifier helps you remove the crap out of your system so it runs smoothly and error-free.

    It helps you remove all the garbage that is contributing to the slow speeds of your PC. It tunes up your system and fixes any errors that might be slowing down your PC.