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With the help of this free Google application, you can Back up unlimited photos and videos for free, up to 16MP and p HD. And the best part of the Google Photos is that you can access them from any phone, tablet, or computer on photos. All you have to install the Google Photos on your phone from the Google Play store. To take the backup of Photos of your Android phone on Google. Open the Google Photos app on your phone. See the Screenshot below. See the ScreenShot below. Read Also: To save all your media files on your PC like videos, images, songs ringtone use this method.

See the screenshot below: To take the back up of all your installed application you have to install a free app called Super Backup: Install the app on your phone and take the backup of your app, contacts, etc. Or move them to the PC. Now all your contacts, apps, call, messages backup are saved on your desktop.

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To restore them to your new phone, install the Super back up again and move the SmsContactsBackup folder on your phone to the PC. And run the restore from the Super Backup Android app. The files are encrypted as well for an added layer of security. This is a great option for people who like the idea of cloud storage, but don't want large companies holding their private data.

Super Backup Pro Price: Super Backup is another one of the simpler backup apps The interface is functional and easy to use. It includes buttons that backup each thing individually, including apps, contacts, SMS, calendars, and a few others. Users can define where the backups go for easy locating later and you can also schedule automatic backups along with backing up to cloud storage. Titanium Backup root only Price: Titanium Backup is an essential tool for root users. It's been stable for ages, receives frequent updates, and has tons of features.

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Unlike many other backup apps, Titanium Backup is pretty much exclusively for root users without many features for non-rooted devices. You can freeze and uninstall bloatware, backup applications along with app data , backup to cloud storage, and plenty more. The Pro version comes with far more features, including 1-click batch restore, syncing to cloud storage, and a whole lot more. This is the past and present king of backup apps for root users and everybody knows it. Not much longer til the end of the article, but here are some more recommendations! Free usually. Android has the capacity to backup all of your stuff for you.

You can access the options in the Settings menu of your device.

It can backup a bunch of info, like the apps you have installed, some system settings, and more. You can easily backup your contacts, SMS, passwords, call history, and other stuff. How much you can backup depends greatly on whether you go with your Google account or an OEM account. They're all usually free, come installed already, and usually work pretty well.

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Manual Backups Price: You can access most of the files on your device. Using a file manager or by hooking your phone up to a computer in MTP mode , you have immediate access to all of your music in the Music folder , videos in the Video folder , and even your photos in the DCIM folder. It's quite easy to move all of these files to your PC for safe storage while you switch phones.

Backup Game and APP DATA Android Tutorial! NO ROOT needed! And restore!

You can also back then up to the cloud share to the cloud storage app of your choice and even use your Micro SD card if your phone has expandable storage. It's tedious and requires a bit of technical know-how. However, you will always know where your files are and you can always back them up multiple times. Cloud Saving Price: Tons of apps have cloud syncing features all on their own. Many browsers, including Google Chrome and Firefox let you sign into an account where you can sync your Internet history, bookmarks, logins, and other browser data.

Apps like Pocket Casts let you sync your podcast subscription list. Many, many games have cloud saving via Facebook or Google Play Games. You can even save your contacts to your Gmail account and they will automatically sync with any phone that logs into your Google account. Passowrd manager apps like LastPass are great for backing up your login data.

Holo Backup

Before going down the rabbit hole to back up everything, check out what may already be backing itself up on your device! Thank you for reading! Here are some final recommendations for you! Joe Hindy ThatJoeHindy. You Might Like. Sunday Giveaway.

Best 5 Amazing Android Backup Software & App in 2018

Pocophone F1 international giveaway! February 17, Nandroids are critically important, especially if you do any work with custom ROMs. My nandroid backups have saved me from having a bricked phone more times than I can count. But not everybody has access to a custom recovery and nandroid backups. We rounded up four of the most promising alternative backup apps for Android.

1. Google Drive

See Also: Indie developer OmegaVesko created something impressive with Holo Backup. The best part? You can use Holo Backup over wifi as well.

As long as you enable wireless ADB debugging in the settings, no cords are required. Overall, Holo Backup is the best option for users without a custom recovery looking for a good way to keep backups. Download Holo Backup. The guys at ClockworkMod created another alternative for people without their famous ClockworkMod Recovery.

Helium is an easy way to back up your phone, with or without root. Helium is another good way to keep backups on your PC.