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Level — DOMINATE — Horses at a racing track, a cartoon character crosses red finish line, blond woman in red straddles a man lying on the ground, a woman sits on a man on all fours. Level — COUPLE — A young couple under a pink blanket, two gold rings interlinked, two smiling seniors, the part where a boat for example is pulled by a hitch. Level — BROOD — A girl cartoon character has toothache, a row of young chicks, a hen is sitting on her eggs, to boys thinking. Level — ACTION — Lights, camera, action board, a group of cyclists, a man running through water in a park, a man in a suit and tie holding two guns.

Level — WOUND — Wrapping an elbow with rolling gauze, scrape on the back of a hand, a bandage on the sole of a foot, a woman with a bleeding finger. Level — TRAFFIC — Black and white photo of a city with a yellow cab, traffic jam, black and white photo of traffic light on green, a man in suit and tie trades something with someone. Level — STAMP — A post-marked stamp, a collection of postmarks, a set of foot prints in ink, a man places a stamp.

Level — PRESS — A manual juice presser outdoors, a person holding a microphone and clipboard, buttons on a machine, printing press. Level — GUIDE — 3 girl guides, a line of people hiking in the snow, a business man and a woman listens to someone, a couple in front of a church. Level — SHARP — View through a pair of glasses is clear in a hazy background, a razor leaves a red line, knives, a man is ready to shave. Level — STROKE — Painted vertical black lines, painted horizontal blue lines, a woman with long curly red hair, a man plays tennis. Level — ALBUM — Two woman looks at a photo album, a cd, the cover of a cd, a pile of black and white photos on an open book.

Level — SEWER — A woman tailor, water flows out of a pipe into a late, someone is sewing with a machine, pipe lines. Level — NOVEL — A little girl reads under her blanket with a flashlight, a mans book comes alive, parents reading to their kids, the yellow crumbled paper jumps out from the rest. Level — POP — A needle to a red balloon, a man is singing, bottles of drinks, an open champagne bottle and a set of glasses. Level — RING — A wedding photo, an engagement ring, a woman on the phone, a woman on her cell on laptop.

Level — DULL — A math equation, a emotion icon un-impressed, a man alone at a party, a bored woman holds a sticky note to her head. Level — BLOOD — Blood is running down a white canvas, a mosquito is full from blood, a vampire just finished feeding, a person donates blood. Level — FRUIT — little kid eating a banana, dark skinned woman smiling and holding up green apple, a bunch of pineapples, glasses of fruit juices surrounded by fruits — lemons, orange, lime and grapefruit.

Level — MOTHER — lioness with baby lions, pregnant woman in tank top sleeping, hen with bunch of chicks, smiling woman holding baby in diapers. Level — PINK — a bunch of pink and red flowers, pair of feet with pink slippers sticking out from pink convertible, baby with eyes closed and hands holding up chin wearing knitted pink hat, a pink unicorn. Level — HERO — little boy wearing superhero costume, cartoon of man wearing cape standing on top of mountain, man with sword riding horse, cartoon figure of a green superhero.

Level — BEANS — green beans, field of crops and two hands holding a bunch of round yellow seeds, a sac of coffee beans spilling out onto a dish with a cup of steaming coffee, beans with tomato sauce on piece of bread. Level — CRY — a little girl crying, a baby crying, a woman with a tear running down her face, a man on the phone wiping his eyes. Level — AIRPORT — a smiling woman in uniform greeting a man in suit, a row of chairs and big windows with a landed airplane outside, an airplane taking off, a blue airplane on the ground. Level — CHAIR — a bunch of chairs at some tables by the side of the road, a smiling little girl with her chin on her folded arms leaning on the back of a chair, a worn chair with slits on the seat, a lime green chair against an old dirty wall.

Level — BOWLING — bowling balls, bowling shoes on racks, a bowling ball sending pins flying, a girl about to send bowling ball down the alley while a guy looks on. Level — SAUSAGE — slices of salami and sausages, slices of carrots in sauce, sausages in spirals with slices of cucumber and tomato, a loaf of meat with a piece cut off and green onion on it. Level — SNORE — a sleeping elephant, a guy sleeping and a girl plugging her ears, a guy sleeping and a girl blocking her ears with the pillow, a man sleeping on the sofa with his mouth open. Level — DIVING — a girl swimming, two divers, man wearing scuba mask, woman holding a wide eyed baby swimming under water.

Level — KISS — a little boy kissing a little girl on the cheek, a woman kissing a nerdy looking guy on the cheek, a bunch of lipstick marks in different colors, a man and a woman kissing. Level — GHOST — shadow of a person with hands on glass, a ghost of a woman walking in the forest, a cartoon ghost, a child dressed up as a ghost with a blanket and two holes as eyes. Level — STINK — little girl holding her nose, a bull dog lying beside a pair of feet wearing socks, a skunk, a man smelling his armpits and grimacing.

Level — TOOTH — an opened mouth showing teeth with a missing tooth, a cartoon tooth fairy, toothbrushes of different colors, tooth paste in white blue red squeezed out of the tube. Level — FATHER — man holding a baby, man and child brushing their teeth together, man and baby sleeping, man with child on his shoulders walking on the beach. Level — FUNNY — man and woman wearing 3-D glasses holding bucket of popcorn, a clown, a woman with tongue sticking out and hair streaming behind her, woman having tea and laughing.

Level — FOAM — guy with shaving cream covering entire head and face except the eyes and holding up shaver, man washing his hair, hands with soap suds, woman taking a bubble bath. Level — BITTER — glass of lemonade, cut open grapefruit, a man pouring medicine onto a spoon, a woman in a winter jacket holding a cup and grimacing. Level — NIGHT — a dog wearing a sleep mask with its paw on a clock, the moon above the clouds, a cartoon girl lying on the moon with stars next to her, a street lamp. Level — GRIMACE — kid with tongue sticking out and open hands nexts to ears, girl with eyes crossed and crooked mouth, girl wearing huge glasses making a face, girl that took a bite out of a slice of lemon and grimacing.

Level — POISON — a scorpion, a person squeezing a snake and cramming a cup up its open mouth, a bottle with a skull sign on the front, a big red mushroom with white specks on it. Level — WARM — two girld smiling and hugging each other, a dog wearing a red scarf, a pair of colorful stocking feet on the vent, a person wearing a red sweater holding a green and white striped cup.

Level — POKER — hand holding up a royal flush poker hand, hand holding up 4 aces poker cards, stacks of poker chips, 4 guys playing poker. Level — MINT — woman holding up toothbrush with leaves on it, some green leaves, a green leaf on a bunch of white gum, a cup with green liquid and green leaves on the side. Level — CROSS — little girl with fingers crossed on both hands behind her, mother leading son across the street, man looking mean, flag with white cross and red background. Level — TILE — letters of the alphabet and numbers and punctuation, tiles on a roof being laid, bathroom tiles in various shades of blue, a pile of dominoes.

Level — TRASH — a bulldozer in work, a truck pushing a mountain of garbage, a full garbage can, a combine working in the fields. Level — SOLO — a woman pilot in a plane, a man with a hat playing the saxophone, someone playing an electric guitar, a man sitting on a bench holding his head. Level — COMBINE — a white puzzle with one piece taken out, eggs on a pile of flour, a handbag wallet belt and single high heel shoe, red liquid being poured into a beaker with colorful liquids. Level — BUBBLE — a clear blue sphere, a chimpanzee, cartoon word bubbles above some people, a girl blowing bubbles.

Level — GRACE — girl in ballerina dress, a swan, a girl dancing, a woman in big red dress dancing. Level — PRINT — yellow pink blue rollers, papers with black words printed on them, big rolls of paper, set of print press letters numbers and punctation. Level — CRUMBLE — layers of rocks, bricks sticking out of a wall, some sort of dessert, apple and apple slices and cinnamon sticks. Level — MEAL — wine glasses and food, a waiter serving food to a couple, worms, wheat and flour?

Level — BREEZE — wind mills, woman on beach facing the ocean with arms outstretched, clothes drying on a clothesline, little girl in a field with her hair blown back. Level — LATE — woman holding a clock with her mouth open, feet sticking out from white cloth with toe tag tied to toe, woman at a train platform sitting on red suitcase, man pointing to his watch looking mean. Level — LOOK — an eye with long eyelashes, lots of colorful clothes hung up, glasses set on a table, woman wearing big white wide-brimmed hat. Level — COURAGE — man standing on bicycle balanced on a tightrope, man crossing with hands on a rope with sharks circling beneath him in a body of water, a mouse and cat looking at each other, a gladiator in armor and sword.

Level — SPIT — cloudy skies above beach and water, baby eating mush making a mess, person holding up stick lit with fire and blowing into it. Level — BAIT — a decorated gingerbread house, a cartoon worm on a hook, a fish hook, a mouse trap with cheese. Level — PATCH — 3 grey bottles with one pouring black oil, ashphalt being paved, a bandaid on a crack in stone, a girl with a black eye patch. Level — COLOR — big patches of splashed colors and a woman on a ladder, yellow pink blue rollers, different color shades of hair, lots of hands colored in different colors and smiling faces painted on them.

Level — SAVE — arrow cursor and timer icon, piggy bank with four-leafed clover in mouth, a computer mouse, a soccer goalie hugging a soccer ball. Level — REACTION — a girl pouring from one beaker into another, some people around a desk throwing papers in the air, a road with a sign of a nuclear facility or some sort of chemical factory ahead, skin with bumps. Level — CRASH — two cars crashed together, a meteor approaching the earth, a line graph that goes up and down and up and down again, a plane that has crashed into the ground. Level — VISION — hands holding a globe with a seagull inside, a giant eye with binary numbers, an eye with concentric circles, eyeglasses place on a table.

Level — STUBBLE — an old man with hand on chin, mouth with stubble around it, man with stubble putting on lipstick, young man with foam around mouth shaving. Level — SPRING — green grass and pink and white flowers on tree, a steel spring, little stream of water going over rocks, legs and feet wearing running shoes launched into air. Level — BRAVE — a gladiator in armor holding sword, a firefighter going into the fire, a lion, a blunch of people waving their arms.

Level — PANEL — some brown doors, man giving thumbs up and man holding gavel and woman with arms crossed, a cottage amongst the trees, audio equipment of some sort. Level — TRENDY — Man with a Mohawk, woman holding two 2 black and white checkered heels, man in shades and a scarf over his head, a girl trying on glasses.

Level — EMPTY — A plate setting for 1 dinner , empty room, an opened broken bird cage, auditorium of empty red seats. Level — TANK — Under the water green , an army tank, production tanks, green caged ladder outside a dome structure. Level — KNOT — Red rope tied in a knot, a boat sailing, man cannot choose between two 2 ties, a woman with her hair in a bun brunette. Level — SMELL — Kid sticks face into sunflower, man tests his red wine, woman spraying body spray perfume on herself, a man with a clothes clip on his nose.

Level — ROUND — Ball with flags of the world , men in a boxing ring, four different clocks time , men cheering drinking at a bar. Level — OFFICE — Desk stationaries, a woman at a photocopier, a woman answering the phone and taking notes, a group of professionals 5 in a meeting. Level — GLAMOUR — Woman with a veil and orange sparkling lipstick, a woman in a long flowy red dress, woman in a white dress, woman in a green mask.

Level — ENJOY — Woman lying in a green field with pink flowers, a woman eats a bite of chocolate, a woman in a sauna, a couple getting a massage. Level — BREAK — Man breakdancing, a thief breaking a door break and enter , relaxing in a chair under the sun, chip and spider crack window. Level — FIZZY — Bubbling blue liquid, glass of fizzy white drink clear , tums in a glass of water, a bottle of coke pop.

Level — FLAT — Person in black with a flat screen monitor as their head, green flats shoe , green field, a deck of a house. Level — SCARED — Cartoon character scared, person with red glasses ducks hides behind and under table, a woman is scared, man is sinking in white paper. Level — BLANK — Four 4 pieces of white square paper, a woman holds a black sign above her her, a woman holds a blank speech bubble beside her face, a blank sheet of paper on the wall. Level — FENDER — weights by the side of a boat, red and white electric guitar, bumper pieces front and back , man painting touching-up a car.

Level — FILL — Pumping gas into car , donut bread with orange filling, pouring red wine into glass, preparing making pot plants. Level — SHARE — Elephant shares a bench with a dog watching birds, kids fighting over a stuffed animal, stocks performance, pie chart 3 red pieces and 1 green. Level — AID — Woman walks with blind visibly impaired man, first aid box, hand putting a coin into a box with hearts on it, first aid items. Level — FIELD — Circling with red marker, a soccer field, a green empty field , an island seen through binoculars.

Level — ICON — Mother Mary praying, a woman with her white dress blown up, emotion indicators, internet language signs. Level — COMPANY — Seniors men in a park laughing having a good time , blue people icons connected, three 3 people in the office, army men soldiers lined up. Level — SCHOOL — Boy in blue thinks in front of black board, pathway in front of a building, kids 8 sitting around a round table, a school of fish.

Level — PAD — Note pad with check marks, lily pads in a pond, mouse on a mouse pad, tablet. Level — FOCUS — Rainbow spirals, sun shine on dew on blades of grass, snap shot of lenses, girl in glasses reads a green book. Level — MIRROR — Thumbs up in side view mirror of a car , stones stacked in an arch, picture of glass towers, woman looks in hand held mirror. Level — MAGIC — Woman blows out butterflies, hand in white gloves opens red curtains, rabbit in a top hat, spot light blue. Level — ENTER — White key board, pointing where to sign signature , brown wooden front door, picture hanging on wall.

Level — BOAT — Long brown and light blue canoes at the docks, water crashing to side of bat, couple fishing, long canoe parked at the beach. Level — BARGE — Cartoon man is sick green , boat in the water, man fallen of bike in winter, man in black suit and tie slaps another. Level — PRINCESS — Pictogram green of a princess kissing a toad, a cartoon girl blond hair, pink dress , cartoon castle on clouds, cartoon princess riding a white horse. Level — DRIFT — White box stand covered in snow, snow covered field, hot air balloon in the sky, snow-land by the waters ice caps.

Level — CONFUSED — Person holds black umbrella raining question marks, man reading a stack of books is confused, a man in glasses scratches his head, a woman tangled in wires. Level — SILENT — Woman in red tank top shushes, man with zippers across lips, ninja in the moonlight, snow covered field with ever green trees. Level — PEPPER — Pile of whole multi-coloured pepper corn, crushed chill flakes , sea shell holding sea salt and whole black peppercorn, green red and yellow fresh bell pepper.

File, old film projector playing, instant pictures polaroid. Level — BOY — Boy in green looking up, boy in dress pants, and striped red tie, boy in yellow with loud speaker, a baby boy. Level — COMIC — POW, 2 white dogs in shades and clown hats, super hero in blue with red cape, man with top hat, a microphone and red and yellow sweater.

Level — PRIDE — Girl in graduation gown, athlete with white top and sweat band poses, peacock fans his tail, male and female lion. Level — SLIDE — Unzipping or zipping something, a roll of film uncurled, person holds a slide specimen , cartoon penguins slide down a hill. Level — CRAM — Woman with a large bag filled , boy sits behind stacks of books, person tries to close suit case, woman stuffing face with cake.

Level — SCENE — Chalk outline of a dead person, woman in red apron holds rolling pin, sketches, woman holds lights, camera, action board.

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Level — CUT — Girl getting a hair cut, prepping in the kitchen, sawing wood, girl with a Band-Aid on her index finger tip. Level — SPAIN — Woman in long red dress dancing with fan, bowl of mussels and lemon, bull chases red cloth, bottle and glass of red wine. Level — BOND — Sticking a stamp on an envelope, 4 people join hands, person is tiling their wall, mother and child. Level — PAGE — An open book to 2 blank pages, ring boy bear , globe icon with web address, person looks at their pager. Level — CLIMB — Man climbs up a ladder, woman rock climbing, airplane is taking off, people climbing up spiral stairs.

Level — PART — Grey gears turning with 1 red one, couple standing back to back with a cut out of a broken heart, man checks out his hair, filters. Level — FINISH — Person crosses red ribbon finish line , person dips paint brush in paint outside, front of a car, empty blue plate and a knife and fork. Level — SOUND — Water through the bays, head phones over the ear , microphone, string phone empty cans and red string. Level — GIANT — Giant cartoon woman dripping small basket ball on the court, giant boy wants to step on small woman, whale in the deep blue waters, small man stands and looks up at giant.

Level — SWEEP — Raccoon sweeping, man in tall hat carries ladder and gadgets, woman sweeps floor, cleaning a chimney. Level — VOID — Comos in space, holes in the ground, person with a fishbowl for a head, crossing a calculation error. Level — STIR — Stir fry vegetables, man — painter, girl helps mom cook in kitchen, stirring cup of coffee.

Level — ARROW — Performance arrow going down , arrows in bulls eye, man can go in 3 direction, icon can choose between left or right side blue or green arrow. Level — NETWORK — Digital cables green icon person standing amongst blue ones, compilation of pictures, six degree of separation hands interlinked. Level — TILL — 2 pictures of cashiers till, farm crops , mat. Level — GROW — Brother plays with baby sibling, bar graph grows, woman in emo make-up, currency grows. Level — DRAFT — Comic, mug of beer, pointing out the red icon person amongst a line of black ones, rolls of drawings floor plans.

Level — PILE — Pile of clothes around a basket, stacks of boxes, little girl lying on the carpet, folded towels. Level — BADGE — Man in suit with name tag and red file folder, cartoon policemen shows badge, scout badges, sunglasses pin. Level — WEAK — Magnifying the broken link, hands chain and locked together, small red boxing gloves meets giant blue glove, cartoon of senior with ripped sweater.

Level — TOXIC — Spraying flower with pesticide, snake, industrial emissions, man wears gas mask to examine something. Level — FIRM — 2 men shake hands, professions sitting at a table meeting , 2 pictures of professionals standing in a group. Level — KING — King of hearts card , lion male , fallen black chess pieces at a standing white king piece, cartoon of Elvis king of pop. Level — PLANE — Man is building the roof of a house, airplane in the sky, inside an empty plane, shaving wood to make more even.

Level — SUMMIT — Icons representatives of different countries stand around the globe, professionals at a table, person reaches the top of her destination, tip of a mountain. Sign, construction sign, man points finger while woman shouts. Level — STAFF — Stick leaning against the bars handrails on the wall , employees at a call center, scepter, professionals doctors, nurses, etc.

Level — TIRED — Yellow icon yawning, man getting ready for bed, woman yawing from reading, person turns off alarm clock. Level — PIE — Chocolate cherry cake, pie chart, slice of pumpkin pie, pie cooking in the oven. Level — SLEEPY — A little girl is tired, professionals sitting at a table is tired, a bad in glasses is bored, man yawning showing his alarm clock. Level — CAVE — Drawings of how man hunted in history, inside of a cave, waving white flag, person in a cage is being lower into the water or raised.

Level — PRINCE — Cartoon of a prince in front a rainbow, a girl is going to kiss a frog, knight riding a white pony, a prince is down on one knee. Level — CABLE — Insulated cable, electrical cord green plugged into the wall, sky ride, electrical magnetic field. Level — LOCK — Boats at the docks, a key left in the lock of a door , a woman with curly blond hair, a combination lock.

Level — DRILL — Army men standing in line, man is drilling, dentist and assistant, construction crew uses jack hammer. Level — STUNT — Digital icon performs tight rope walking, bike daredevil performance, man hikes through desert, riding a red motorcycle through flames. Level — PIT — Empty roads in a cliff, truck driving in the middle of nowhere, peaches, woman applies deodorant. Level — IDEA — Blue lightening, a woman with a bubble though, man sitting on cloud typing on laptop, a light bulb of idea made of yellow yarn.

Level — GIRL — Doll, little girl holds slice of watermelon, cartoon girl is running, little girl is getting her hair braided. Level — SCRAP — Apple core on the floor, total lost in car collision, scrap piece of white paper, junk yard landfill. Level — BOARD — Snowboarder, skate boarder, professionals sitting at a long table, person stands in front of black board. Level — SHED — 2 hands cupping a shed icon in the sky, outdoor storage, a wooden shed, cartoon man with hair falling out. Level — CARGO — A transporting bike, a skid of boxes, a skip of crates, transport by means of truck or plane around the world.

Level — LOSE — Woman measures her waist line, set of keys, running toward the finish line red ribbon , marbles. Level — RECYCLE — Card box figure is thinking of a card box, a woman sorts her garbage and recycling, a icon dives head first in a garbage can, different coloured recycling bins. Level — DRAG — Santa drags his big read bag, man in suit pulls his suitcase, cartoon drag racer, woman dog sledding. Level — MOTION — Lights left behind trail of a fast car, cartoon granny in a rocking chair, judge makes a decision, some one running.

Level — PET — A little girl hold a kitten to her face, a little girl gives a bowl of milk to a kitten, a dog and a kitten, a paw in a persons hand. Level — PUNT — Man rows canoe in river, person kicks a ball, boats parked at shore, football game. Level — QUEUE — People standing in line crowd , a woman with a speaker headset, cars backed-up in traffic, printing at a printer. Level — BORED — Girl in red pouts is bored , woman yawns, man is upset at ironing clothes, student sleeping in class.

Level — BELT — Grey rock asteroids flies past a planet, luggage conveyor, seat beat in car, black belt in karate martial arts. Level — CAPE — Man waves red cape in front of bull, cape of a island, woman in a cape, little red riding hood. Level — TARGET — Man draws a circle of white stick figures around a red one, person looks at graph on wall, playing archery, soccer field. Level — MINE — 3 pictures of man digging mining , a blond woman stuffs mouth with noodles.

Level — PANIC — Man is presented with stacks of work, woman is screaming scared, couple wakes up late from bed, cartoon woman jumps on green chair scared. Level — TENOR — Copper iron statue of a man, a man in tuxedo with open arms, binoculars on music sheet, violin saxophone and a clarinet. Level — TALK — A little girl in grey is being interview, icon holds green phone receiver, group of people with speech bubbles, 2 women conversing on a sofa.

Level — SWIM — Mother and child baby swimming, jelly fish, dolphins dancing, a little girl swims. Level — SING — Woman holds microphone and man plays guitar, a little girl sings, a chef sings, cartoon of a man in robe by a fire.

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Level — NAP — Woman in white sits back at her desk, a baby sleeping, a woman asleep at her desk, red fabric. Level — SUCCESS — Man gives thumbs up through the walls, a man sits back to examine performance arrows red and blue , group of people shows-off wands of cash bills , a woman with open arms. Level — FAILURE — Man in shirt and tie hides face behind his hands, man sitting on floor holding his head, cartoon man is upset, man in jail behind bars.

Level — ROOT — Person cupping a plant in their palms, bunch of carrots, cartoon doing math, moss on a tree in forest. Level — TUG — Boat, playing tug a war, ships at the dock, child tugs a rope. Level — FEAR — Watching a scary movie at the theater, man bites his nails in fear, man in suit is shock, man is scared of what woman is telling him. Level — WIPE — Cleaning a table, man wipes his forehead, woman at the chalkboard, little girl wipes her nose. Level — ESCAPE — Man in suit bends prison bars, a cartoon thief runs away with purse, solution through a maze, man with a ball chain around his ankle.

Level — LIFE — Plant sprouts through cracked pavement, a cup of floral, a baby laughing, eggs in a birds nest. Level — IDLE — Chain saw, a koala lying on a branch in a tree, woman waits boredly at the airport terminal , man in swing bed hammock. Level — SNIP — Pliers to a bunch of copper wires, man cuts his own hair, woman cuts her own hair, scissors to red ribbon.

Level — ENVY — Man eats pizza and woman has apple, man is green with envy , people staring at a couple hugging, woman looks at a couple. Level — JEALOUSY — 1 man punches another at club, boy is upset sitting by his parents, mouse dancing on cheese, girl cries in front of pregnent woman. Level — CHEAT — Man with a pocket full of money, woman crosses her fingers behind her back, kids blowing at a golf ball, couple in bed.

Level — HOST — Judges at an audition, 6 computers linked to 1 mother board, waiter, man barbeques. Level — DYE — Woman with bright orange hair, yarn of different colours, tie-dyed shirts, bottle explodes in different colours. Level — DRONE — A bee collecting pollen from flower, a boy plays with airplane, an airplane, a swarm of bees or other insects? Level — ORBIT — Earth with orbit rings around it, an eye ball, planets close by the sun, satilite station above the earth. Level — EDIT — Designing a floor plan, a laptop, erasing the brain of a drawing, 3 people are looking at photos at a table.

Level — CURVE — Man in lab coat examines performace curve, blue and grey curve, a woman on the beach, a ben in the road.

Level — CREW — 4 siloettes doing handstands, 3 people in red aprons, a stewartess on a plane, a woman sailing. Level — FLAG — Hippees tyring to hitch hike, poles of flags, checkered flag black and white , the american flag. Level — STEM — Drawing a reletivity graph, a glss of white wine or champange , a purple-pink tulip flower , tiny green balls in a larger green ball. Level — RANGE — Full shopping cart in a grocery store, gas tank near empty, a chicken runs across lawn, archery boards target.

Level — PITCH — A soccer field, a man in suit with open arms, kids playing baseball, a man presents to a team professionals. Level — TRICK — Man waiter with smoke coming off his palms, man kicks soccer ball, woman playng cards, people dressed up for halloween. Level — SITE — Drawings sitting on the grass, man at his computer, trailors in the park, stadium in greace. Level — TRACE — Cartoon man inspects footprints, person holding a holding knife, person walking in barefeet leave foot prints, magnifying glass over a fingerprint.

Level — REMOVE — Man in red shirt puts on takes-off his black tie, white X mark on red square, boot in the butt, girl examines cleans her face in front of mirror. Level — LUXURY — A black limosine in front of a building, black cavier eggs on a spoon, 2 glasses and a bottle of champange, a bathroom suite. Level — BRACE — Person with braces mouth , wearing a black knee brace, man in construction doubles over and holds head, a crank of sort.

Level — RUSH — Cartoon man runs, man and child on roller coaster, water by land, a speeding red truck ambulance — Level — LOST — Man in suit sits in red bleachers seats holding his head, a woman sits in a corner going through her purse, a couple hiking looks at map, a woman shows how much weight she has lost.

Level — BUD — Buds and white flower on a branch, flower about to bloom, assembly line of bottled drinks beer? Level — POST — Man holds a box, open envelope with sign, open envelop with blank sheet, postage stamp. Level — SAGE — 2 men praying, roasted meat, bowl of dip, sage leaves. Level — BOTTLE — white and black cyliner, a bottle of water, a bottle of perfume, message in a bottle in the water.

Level — SURF — Person surfing, man holds surfing board, a woman with her latop, water brushes to shore at beach. Level — SMEAR — Babu with food all over its face, spreading butter on heart shaped bread, rubbing lotion on back, a child plays with paint. Level — LAKE — 3 boats tied to the dock, a mother duck and 4 ducklings on the dock, a man gives thumbs up in front of a lake and mountains in the background, trees along the horizon beyond a body of water.

Level — WOOL — sheep and lamp, a wool sac of wool, a wool basket of wool, 10 bundle of wool stacked into pyramid. Level — HOSE — a green hose, pink panty hose, fire man puts out fire on cliff, a girl squeezes the hose. Level — ACT — smiley white icon hold sad black mask, dancing in the spotlight, masks drama , a woman in green clutches chest her chest is torn upset. Level — SUN — a white sun is drawn on the back of a woman in her bikini on the beach, a watch forecasts the weather, sun beyond a field of grass, a woman applies suntan lotion.

Level — YEAR — the number with balloons and streamers, the calendar year , in fireworks, calendar. Level — GEAR — 2 pictures of a manual transmission shift gear, picture of 9 different wheels gears , person is fixing bike. Level — WREN — 4 pictures of a bird on a branch.

Level — DEPART — woman gets on train or bus with luggage, woman with luggage at airport, woman sits in a terminal, departure logo. Level — CAT — a tiger, 3 pictures of a cat. Level — CROC — pink crocks the shoe , 3 pictures of a crocodile alligator. Level — JAM — 3 jars of opened jam, 2 croissants with red jam, cars in traffic, strawberry jam with toast. Level — DEAD — a coffin, 3 crosses on a hill, statue with wings, crime scene and chalk outline. Level — GYM — man works on his shoulders muscle, woman in spinning class, man on treadmill, kids on jungle bars?

Level — REEL — 2 pictures of a wheel of film, 2 pictures of a person fishing making a catch. Level — ROBBERY — man holds a gun at you demanding goods, a man trying to break into a blue car, a white icon robber steals safe, a jugular steals. Level — TRAP — a cob-web, playing golf, money on a mouse trap, mouse trap. Level — STEEP — man in orange shoes climbs mountain, a steep mountain, person scales climbs a mountain, dipping tea bag.

Level — GOLD — 2 gold rings, a gold bar, a golden egg, gold silk sparkles. Level — LAWYER — man in suit hold brief case walking away, balance scale in front of books, a woman studies, a woman in a library. Level — JAIL — 4 pictures of a person behind bars. Level — VALET — clothes laid out, butler is helping you put on your jacket, cleaning a car steering wheel , parked red car. Level — DISASTER — a plane on smoke fire is diving, saving a person from the waters a sinking ship , cleaning up a bio-hazard toxic spill, muddy streets with red tractor. Level — STEPS — 2 pictures of a curved stairway, steps made from stone, man with a step ladder in the waters uses binoculars.

Level — MOUTH — woman gets teeth checked, pictures of smiles, picture of where river joins ocean, man in glasses with dropped jaw. Level — JOY — a woman triumphs in work on laptop, a woman with open arms to sun, a girl lies in the grass, a mother and child. Level — HERALD — 2 pictures of gold trumpets with hanging red flag, a boy uses a loud speaker blow horn , silouhette of an angel playing an instrument. Level — STEAK — 4 pictures of a steak 1 beef plated, 1 beef on the grill broiler , 1 beef rare, 1 chicken cooked. Level — PAIN — silouhette with head pain, man with sore neck, man with lower sore back, woman with a headache.

Level — GROWTH — a child cups an adults hand which is cupping a plant , man climbs red performance arrow, performance portfolio, a little girl measures her height. Level — SORE — woman with a headache, person with sore left knee, person with lower sore back left , woman in blue itches left arm. Level — CHAT — a group of teenagers sitting on steps, 2 woman sitting on a couch, 3 elderly men, fingers of 1 person dressed up and conversing with one another.

Level — CRUSH — a man crushes a pop can, white van flies over the head of a person, a crowd of people in the streets, crushed metal in a junk yard. Level — CRACK — hammer to pigging bank, cracked broken smart phone, a robber opens safe, crack in the wall or on the ground. Level — CYCLE — man riding his bike, person fixing a bike, recycling symbol steps 01, 02, and 03 , a woman rides a bike.

Level — BANK — light shines through opened safe, a green field by a rive, a piggy bank, a ship is sinking near the shore of a beach. Level — ATTACK — man clutches his chest, bulls run as a lion attacks, a white icon with shield and sword defends from a red virus monster coming from laptop, dog bites person in the knee. Level — AIM — couples play pool table , aiming an archery bow, woman point gun, goalie guards soccer ball. Level — DAMAGE — 2 cars collide red into blue , crumbling roof, cracked rear wind shield, netting screen is damaged.

Level — COOK — 2 pictures of a chef 1 woman and 1 man , 2 pictures of a woman cooking. Level — BARE — a wooden shelf, walking bare foot, a dog snarls, an empty apartment. Level — BUMP — a bumper car, fist bumps, speed bump, a pregnant belly. Level — CLEAR — a glass of water, person does high jump, white line on the road, sun in the sky. Level — DOUGH — fan of American money, 2 woman and a girl in the kitchen baking, rolling dough, baking items flour, egg, sugar, etc.

Level — END — silhouettes race past finish line, stairway to heaven in the clouds , road is blocked, 2 white and black checkered flags. Level — LEARN — man with laptops, 2 girls in the library, a baby girl holds 3 balls, 2 boys learning math. Level — TUBE — a moving train, a red tube, blue pipes, a test tube of yellow liquid. Level — RAT — a grey mouse, a white mouse, cheese on a mouse trap, red icon trips white icon. Level — TEACH — classroom of students, woman teaches girl, mother teaches son, coach teaches team. Level — CHEER — girls out partying, 2 cheer leaders, men watches soccer game, woman jumps for joy.

Level — DIG — 3 men digging, person with one foot on shovel, 2 pictures of a construction claw truck. Level — PORT — hole window on a ship, building by the lake, airplane parked, cables behind a machine. Level — JOYFUL — woman is smiling with open arms, a baby smiles with 2 bottom teeth, 2 pictures of a man rich with money.

Level — FOLDED — clothes folded and ribbon wrapped, man in suit is without a head, paper origami, woman crosses arms. Level — BITE — a great white shark, an apple bitten, girl eats apple in tree, dog attacks man. Level — SAVING — stack of life savers, woman puts money in piggy bank, coins into piggy bank, woman helps man up ladder. Level — CRIME — person stealing a car, breaking into a house, a thief with a garbage bag of loot, arm from computer steals wallet. Level — BURGLARY — robber sneaks past sleeping security, crow bar to a door, arm grabs purse from behind a door, a robber looks through a chained door.

Level — SEW — threaded needle and a stack of black buttons, multi-colour threads, a sewing machine, tailors tools measuring tape, thread, scissors, buttons. Level — CAMPUS — a group of students walking, 4 students sitting on the grass, people in front of a Chinese structure, people in front of a class building. Level — BIRDCAGE — silhouette parrot in a cage, woman looks at black cat sitting on top of a cage, birds leaving an opened cage, birds and their cages. Level — LANCE — 2 joust swords, 2 pictures of knight on horse ready to joust, breaking a bubble on a palm with a needle.

Level — PENPAL — pen and handwriting on graph paper, 2 icons lift a giant pen, writing on a cue card, 2 boys using over sized pencils. Level — CRAMP — 2 pictures of a man cramped in a small space, girl hurts her knee, a woman lies in bed holding her belly. Level — CREEP — a golden kitten, 2 girls hold up their hands, earth warm, a robber behind the door. Level — CUSHION — 4 people on the bed, a man lies on the hard wood floor with a pillow, a stack of 3 cushions, a man sleeps on the couch. Level — CORN — 4 cobs of corn, farm machine, bowl of strawberry corn flakes, farm machine.

Level — CURIOUS — a kitten plays with its reflection in a puddle of water, an owl looks through magnifying glass, a kitten plays with a blue ball, a girl plays with magnifying glass. Level — CORRUPT — worm inside a red apple, money in a pocket stained with blood, shaking hands with money, sitting man takes money while looking away.

Level — CHOKE — 1 man head locks another man, man wearing a respirator holds his own throat,, woman wears a face mask, man chokes on food. Level — CORK — opening a bottle of wine, cork opener, cork board, popping open a bottle of champagne. Level — CURSE — voodoo doll, ware wolf, a curse in a speech bubble, a woman does black magic voodoo. Level — INCLINE — dog walks on plank into trunk of a car, a person pushes a rock up a hill, narrow road between houses, a girl looks at her food.

Level — DELAY — woman sits on blue luggage by train tracks, man looks at watch while waiting for train, cars sitting in traffic, a man points to his watch. Level — DAM — 2 pictures of water dams, 2 picture of beaver dams. Level — DECLINE — woman holds up both her arms in front of her, a woman covers her eyes and pushes plate away, a woman holds up one arm in front of her, arrow declines drops and hits the ground.

Level — DESSERT — ice cream log, a slice of cake, strawberry crepes, pear covered in chocolate fudge and almond slices with vanilla ice cream. Please check and try again.

4 Pics 1 Word 4 letters phone battery blood solar

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Top Solutions. There are two words that I can think of with the clues that you gave. With your clues: Guys are assembling the solar panel and screws are used for assembling of furniture etc. Add your answer. You just have to look for the number of letters and look at the letter clues given to get the correct answer. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. This answer closely relates to:. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? The clues are, 1.

Solar panel 2. Roof 3. Window being opened and people in a meeting 5. Picture iq on facebook number 26, 5 letter word i have a solar panel roof 4 planks of wood, a window being opened and people in a meeting If that is not correct, please give me all the letters for this level and how may letters are in the word. Thank you for your question! This word fits the clues and descriptions you provided.

Thank you. Whats the answer to level 64 on picture iq? Anonymous 1. Hello there user! It is the only 8 letter word that I could get from the given letters. Have a great day. Four pics 1 word - a group of school people, the shell of a car, a arrow pointing to four people sign man working with something on the ground. Someone said: Was this comment helpful? Helpful to include number of letters in letters the solution and also the possible letters they give!